Sight Word Medals- Motivating Students to Learn their Sight Words

I am always looking for fun ways to motivate my students to practice and learn their sight words. When students in my class learn all of their sight words they get a popcorn bag with a can of soda pop and popcorn.

This has been motivational, but I was looking for something they can keep at their desk with them as a constant reminder and motivator. I came up with this:

Sight Word Medals

Every student gets a "Trophy Case" to store their sight word medals in. I check off the words they know on their trophy case as they learn and earn their medals. They LOVE this! I also have students cut their own medal to build their fine motor cutting skills. They also get to color their medals.

These sight word medals are available in Pre-Primer and Primer. I am working on the first grade sight word medals and should have them available by the middle of next week. Click on the pictures below to check out these medals. They are available on my TPT and Teachers Notebook stores.

These sight word medals are on sale for the next week- April 6th - April 12th.


  1. What a fabulous idea! I am always looking for new ways to showcase students' mastery of sight words. Any chance you will make a set for the Fry lists? Karla

  2. Great Idea Karla!! I can group them in units of 50. This will be my next project. :-)