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I would say my favorite product I have made thus far is my mini writing office. This writing office is small enough to fit in a pencil box. It is the size of a file folder cut in half. I created a mini writing office for my kindergarteners to use during I have made writing mini offices for Kindergarten, Advanced Kindergarten, First grade, Second grade and Third grade.

I store my students mini offices in pencil boxes in which we call our "Writer's Toolbox". In addition to our writing mini office, we store our writing pencil (any pencil that has a design on it- They love these and take well care of these "special" writing pencils), eraser, Mr. Spaceman (spacing stick from Really Good Stuff), post it notes, and mini dry erase marker and eraser.

You can check these Writing Offices out here:


My favorite area in my classroom has to be my library. I am obsessed with children's books and the kids seem to love this area of the classroom as well.


My favorite signal for transition is my cow bell. I LOVE this bell! The kids know just what to do when they here this bell ring.


I keep myself sane by eating chocolate. I can't get enough of chocolate candy. It always makes for a great day :)

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  1. Loved reading your Hall Pass, thanks for sharing! & I'm a fellow choc-o-holic!! Need some everyday!
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