Plant Reports- Sprouting Seeds in a Glove!

I usually dedicate the months of April and May to doing many non-fiction activities with my class. We do a lot with plants, insects & animals during these months. Last week we planted sunflower seeds. Next week, we will be sprouting our fruit and veggie seeds in food handler gloves. I am lucky enough to be one of the few classrooms in my school that has windows. Although these windows are at the top of the ceiling and we can't see out of them, the sunlight that shines through makes having these windows well worth it! Plus I get to use my windows for sprouting seeds- can't beat that!

We will be using the scientific method to complete our plant reports. If you would like a "kid friendly" way to teach the scientific method as well as complete non-fiction plant reports then this unit may be just what you need! This plant unit is more than just report writing. There is a seed tracking journal to track the progress of the sprouting seeds, a life cycle page, seed diagram, fruit/vegetable fact sheets, and much more!

The seeds featured in this unit are lettuce, tomato, pumpkin, radish, & carrot seeds. If you purchase this plant report unit and are interested in planting a different type of seed just email me and I will change the glove analysis and journal pages to reflect your choice of seeds.

A few pictures of the plant report from one of my Kindergarten students from last year:
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