Five for Friday- Earth Day, Animal Reports & More!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs- Five for Friday

Ahhhh...It's Friday! This week sure did fly by. Next Tuesday begins our ABC countdown- The last 26 days of Kindergarten. You think my kiddos would be excited, instead they are a bit sad to start. They told me they want to skip Z day (Zip up your bags and Zoom home for a wonderful summer). They say they will miss Kindergarten soooo much- Too cute! :-)

This week we have continued to journal our observations in our butterfly journals- We are getting a bit impatient waiting for our butterflies to emerge!
We learned all about the three R's- Recycling, Reducing, & Reusing. Now my Kindergarteners want to recycle EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!
If you like these Earth Day headbands- Grab them here FREE for next year!
We just had to add a recycling poem to our poetry notebooks
Our sunflower seeds started to grow- Time to take them home to plant!
Next week we will start our vegetable/fruit plant unit- Sprouting seeds in a glove.
We have also been working on our non-fiction animal reports- Check out the detail in this picture!
Animal habitats were due and look amazing!
And finally we ended our week with a nice cold popsicle!

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