Throwback Thursday- Mini Writing Offices

I am linking up with First Grade Parade for her Throwback Thursday Linky.

A few years back I made these cute little writing offices. They are small enough to fit into a pencil box. My kids love writing time. They get to use their Mr. Spaceman and mini writing office. Check out this throwback below:

Last summer, I created a mini writing office for my kindergarteners to use during independent writing time. These mini offices are a great resource and aid in students writing success. I have spruced up the mini writing office since last summer and have now made writing mini offices for advanced Kindergarten, First grade,  Second grade and Third grade.

These mini writing offices are small enough to fit into a pencil sized school box. Included in each pack are 21 cover options, dimensions of the writing folder, two sets of writer's toolbox labels, and all the files needed to make each mini office.

I store my students mini offices in pencil boxes in which we call our "Writer's Toolbox". In addition to our writing mini office, we store our writing pencil (any pencil that has a design on it- They love these and take well care of these "special" writing pencils), eraser, Mr. Spaceman (spacing stick from Really Good Stuff), post it notes, and mini dry erase marker and eraser.

Check these mini writing offices out at my Teacher's Notebook or TPT store.


  1. When do you go about introducing your mini offices? And do you introduce one section at a time or the whole thing? I'm trying to get some ideas as I don't have my kinders write as much as I should. I really like your cute idea, now I just have to find some colored file folders to make it pop. *And I'm a new follower.
    Kinders on the Block

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I introduce the mini offices during the first month of school. I go over some of the areas in detail (Alphabet, topics to write about, etc.) and some areas I briefly discuss, such as the digraphs and word wall. I go over those areas in detail as we learn them. Digraphs usually around November/December. What I love about these offices are the fact that they fit inside of a pencil box. My kids love the fact that they have their very own writers toolbox. They actually beg me to take their toolbox out and write (the things that motivate the little ones amaze me:)I also have a labeling pack available in my store. My kiddos start labeling the 2nd week of school. Most will just associate a letter sound or two, but it is a start and we use those sheets throughout the year. Check them out if you get a chance. Also, I bought the colored file folders at Office Depot...quality folder and not too expensive. :)

  3. I LOVE the one that fits in the pencil box! Ideal size.

    Kindergarten Corps