180 First Grade Math Journal Prompts- Common Core Based

Are you looking for a way to spice up your math lessons? Students need many opportunities to write in mathematics and math journals can help you do just that! Journaling can be done as a review, warm-up, independent work, closing, or homework activity.

These math journal prompts are a great way to motivate reluctant students and strengthen their love for math while deepening their understanding of these very important skills. These prompts require students to organize, clarify, and reflect on their ideas. These particular math prompts are a great way to challenge young students minds.

You can check these prompts out by clicking on the picture below. You can also download a preview with 10 free prompts.

Two years ago I created 180 Kindergarten math journal prompts for Kindergarten and have had much success using these prompts with my own Kindergarteners. They love to pull there journals out at the beginning of our math lesson each day. They look forward to using their math journals and discussing their thinking with their classmates.

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Click on the picture below to check out these prompts.


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