Mr. Wiggles Book Care Craftivity

If you are anything like me you LOVE books and want to do your best to teach your students the importance of taking care of books. Every year I do a unit on book care and why it is important to take care of the books we read. I usually do this within the first few weeks of school and we revisit this important topic mid school year.

My mom teaches Second grade and got me hooked on collecting children's picture books while I was still in college. I have a large classroom library and cherish every last one of my books.

I always start off by reading Mr. Wiggles with my students. I was lucky enough to snatch  up a blow up Mr. Wiggles last summer and I absolutely love it! There are many other useful books I use to teach my students the importance of taking care of books. I created a Mr. Wiggles Craftivity. Included in this pack are graphic organizers, book marks, a craft, book care pledge, suggested reading materials and more.

Check out this cool craftivity by clicking on any of the pictures below.


  1. Your Mr. Wiggles craftivity is adorable!! What a cute idea! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Thank you for using my book! We all love Mr. Wiggles!
    Happy Reading - Carol Thompson

  3. Where did you find your Mr. Wiggle chair? I love it!